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Oral Cancer Screening Crestview, Florida

An oral cancer screening could literally save your life.

Oral Cancer Screening Crestview, Florida

An oral cancer screening could literally save your life.

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Saving Lives Through Oral Cancer Screenings

The sixth most deadly form of cancer is oral cancer, yet much of the population isn’t even aware of it’s existence. In fact, this type of cancer has taken the life of one person an hour for more than forty years now!

That’s why every patient who comes into our office is offered a screening for oral cancer. Our goal is to make the best of your oral health that we possibly can.

Since our team at this office is skilled at noticing the signs of oral cancer, we can help recommend the most conservative and proper course of treatment, when our advanced oral screenings detects the need. Thousands of people have have been affected by this type of cancer, but we don’t want you or your family to be among that number.

Oral cancer – what causes it?

Lifestyle choices and the simple process of aging are among the many factors that can lead to the development of oral cancer. Tobacco and alcohol use are two of the other factors that can be causes, as well.

However, there are no risk factors for 25% of those diagnosed with oral cancer, so it’s not just limited to those who drink and smoke.

The ability to treat the cancer conservatively, for this reason, is not available because the necessary steps to discover it early, and prevent it have not been taken. Literally, it can save a life, so from now on it really should be a part of every dental exam.

Oral cancer has a very high mortality rate, because this lack of awareness causes it to go undiagnosed and untreated until it reaches an advanced stage. Since 90% of all cancers that are detected early can be cured, early detection is very crucial.

How do we perform an oral cancer exam?

These exams are done by the use of a state-of-the-art detection device known as a Velscope, in our office.

The initial signs of oral cancer can be detected by this device, because it can identify tissue that is abnormal.  This early detection is painless and non-invasive, and the technology can help detect lesions and soft tissue abnormalities which might otherwise be missed.

Your mouth is scanned with a Velscope after has been rinsed thoroughly with a cleansing solution. It’s really a very simple process. Normal tissue turns white and abnormal tissue appears dark because it has absorbed the light.

A course of action will be recommended when we determine the nature of any abnormality that is seen.

The screening protocol for cancer in our office includes the following:

  • Risk and lifestyle assessment
  • Test the saliva for HPV
  • Use regular oral cancer screenings
  • Brush biopsies
  • When necessary, referral to a pathologist

Early detection and prevention are keys to your oral health, so we can give you additional information concerning cancer screening in your doctor consultation, if you decide to come in for an exam.

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